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What to consider

Businesses need funds to establish new ventures or support their existing growth. With so many lenders, funding options and products available in the market, sometimes it can be difficult to choose.

There are various types of business finance, but before applying, it’s vital to understand your requirements and objectives first. A suitable loan should be matched to your specific needs to avoid any future problem.

The result of choosing the wrong funding option include paying either too much for finance or ending up with a loan that simply isn’t fit for the required purpose. In this case it may increase the problem, rather than solving it.

Finding the right loan

Finding the right loan is important to match your specific requirement. For example, a business overdraft facility is helpful to cover your short term requirements, such as bridging the gap between your trade debtors and trade creditors. An overdraft facility is having a cheaper interest rate than in a credit card.

If you are looking to acquire a long term fixed asset for your business then getting a term loan is the right choice. This will also give you the certainty of fixed periodical repayments.

Due to strict lending policies of the lenders, it can still be difficult to get finance from a bank to start a new business or support a growth in an existing one. We can help you navigate through the various options to find the one that’s right for you. To be eligible for business loans, you will need to show a consistent financial performance, solid business cash flows and the ability to manage expenses and debts.

Can we help you?

With so many lenders offering different finance products with varying loan structures and repayment options, it can be a difficult task to find the one that’s best for your business requirements. It is useful to seek independent advice before you make your choice, and this is where we can help you as your finance consultant.

Consulting with a commercial finance consultant help you in getting access to numerous finance solutions and selecting a suitable loan based on your financial needs. An experienced finance consultant can take a broad view of your business goals and use their extensive knowledge to look beyond a simple ‘lowest interest rate’ strategy in selecting a product that fulfill your needs completely.

Whether you are a sole trader, partnership, a company or a trust, we have different kinds of lenders and products that can help you in your next business venture. We focus to provide you with an advice that match your present business requirements and future objectives. We work on suitable credit options based on your specific business requirement such as overdrafts, term loans, commercial property purchase, commercial bill facility etc.

What to do next?

If you are looking for a business finance, please contact us for a free consultation. We start the process with the discussion about your business and its lending requirements. To be eligible, you must be able to show strong financial history with evidence of positive cash flow. Once we identify a lender with a product offer that fits your needs best, we then manage the finance application process for lender’s approval. Even after the settlement, we continue conduct annual reviews on your credit facilities and assist you if you need any further support. Contact us